S.A.S. Performance Consulting


All of your potential, everything you do, and everything you think you can do physically are controlled by one thing…your brain!

Yet while you spend countless hours training your body...

how much time and effort are you devoting to training your brain?

At S.A.S. Performance Consulting we believe that while your body is a powerful physical tool, being an exceptional athlete takes more than just physical strength and speed.  It requires managing the physical, mental and emotional obstacles that challenge you as an athlete…every practice, every competition, every time.

We specialize in providing personalized mental skills training programs to motivated individual athletes as well as athletic teams and groups who want to train with greater mental toughness, focus and purpose.


Your personalized mental skills training program will allow you to:

  • Minimize mental obstacles, or distractions, which impede physical performance and/or your passion for competing.
  • Perform with greater consistency, and at a higher level, during competitions and training sessions.
  • Identify and capitalize on your current strengths while providing you with new strategies to further bolster your mind’s power and focus.
  • Apply helpful mental strategies to other areas of your life outside of sport.