Motivation: One Step you May be Missing

I have noticed a theme recently when I tell people about S.A.S. Performance Consulting and what I do. While some people want me to help them become a mental warrior ninja and others want to simply stick with an exercise program, the unanimous theme of the month seems to be…”GET ME MOTIVATED!” While it’s tempting to […]

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Do you know your Optimal Level of Activation?

While most athletes and performers are very familiar with anxiety and stress, the term “activation” tends to be pretty foreign…not common locker room talk. However, knowing the difference between anxiety and activation, and being able to identify your optimal level of activation, are two additional fundamental building blocks of anxiety management – in addition to […]

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Set your Foundation with Self-Awareness

I have to admit…I get really excited when thinking about all the skills and strategies out there that can help athletes overcome the daily challenges of training and competition! And yet, trying to find a quick fix for managing mental obstacles without a solid foundation would only lead to holes in your mental training down […]

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